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i want a Part2 of this game! i love it!! 


Oh how i wish there was a sandbox version, I can't get enough of building the perfect web :|

Very interesting concept.


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It would be better if you became eating humans with time, but I like the game anyway, especially webbing. Level progression is also funny


Apart from being cute I also love how this game enhances its core mechanics with each level making it slightly more challenging and interesting. The growing scale is hilarious. But again, the river, the moving platform, the wind are some extra cool features that attest well-thought-out design.


this game would be way more fun if there were more levels... when i say more I mean like at least 25 more levels... either way its a semi good game.


I love this! The gradual increase in scale (ending on the planetary) gave me Katamari vibes. Those orbit physics totally wrecked my attempts at a web, but I was having too much fun to care. Wonderful game. 💖


THIS WAS REALLY CUTE AND FUN!! Do you think you'd consider making a sandbox version? I really enjoyed building webs ^^ I couldn't get enough of this!


Thank you! It's a great idea, I wish I had thought to make a sandbox version cuz the web-building is what everyone enjoys most. Oh well -_-

I don't have any plans to pick up development on 8 Legs to Love again but I'll keep these lessons in mind for my future games!

Such a nice little game! Very like it

Thanks yo!


A brilliant and charming little arcade game! :D


Aww thanks for playing my lil spider game!

it was my pleasure :)

This is a very fun game

nice game :D

Thanks kid

this game is great. really fun and cute. the levels are beautiful. what a great idea. thanks!

Thank you for playing mikey noodles! You're a very good spider

This is so viscerally satisfying (without viscera, lol). A wonderful game all around! The physics are spectacular, and only really hindered by the 8-way movement. I'd say my only real complaint is that every level has a time limit, so there's no reason for your web to be much more than scaffolding. I really hope you do end up adding a mode with no time limit, I would love to spin a big beautiful web, maybe I could even mimic the designs of real webs and stuff. This makes me want a 3d game where you build webs in houses and backyards, and float on the breeze and stuff! A cursory google search doesn't reveal any games like that.

Can't wait to see what you do next!

This game is enjoyable but it is such simple fun it is beyond my words it is akin to just one boss in quality and how short but sweet they both are.

I still haven't completely beat one boss yet but just speaking frm what I have seen

unlike the boss it is very chill and zen it is just simple great fun

This game is INCREDIBLE. This is all I want out of a video game. The concept, level design, and execution of the main mechanic are just A+. I wish I could be a spider all day. Thank you for making this game.

I also wish I could be a spider all day <3

Thanks dr!ppy!

Great game but I make sucky webs hahaha


These are beautiful perfect webs and any spider would be lucky to have them <3 <3 <3

Ayla, just saw this is now included in the .2 P8 release as an extra pre-installed game...  congrats! very cool.

will there ever be a downloadable version

I love this game! It's become one of my favorite games to play when I just want to chill for a few minutes.

Game play is simple, but very novel. Much like the old Orisinal flash games I love.

I just wish I could take this game with me any where. A mobile version would rock my socks.

Aww I love Orisinal! I'd love to make a mobile version, but I'm afraid it's a bit too much time to be worth the effort. Thank you so much for playing though!

Very fun game! 

Nice work!

Fantastic! The space level was a bit tricky though. Love the game, physics, and graphics!

Excellent game! 10/10

Interesting premise? Check. Gameplay that varies from level to level? Check.  Lovable spider protaganist? Check. General awesomeness? Check.

Long story short, this game is awesome, and I'd like more please, thank you.


Will you add a zen mode because that would be awesome?

Hello! I adored your game, it was so sweet with great sound effects as well as art and I had such a fun time with it! I made a let's play of your game here~

Aww you ARE the most ingenious spider! Your videos are great, love the commentary, and thanks so much for playing!  I really enjoy watching videos like this :)

Haha thanks so much!! I'm glad someone thinks so ^-^

Thank you so much for the complements, I really appreciate it  <3

Excellent job! I played this and my 10 yo son did too. We both really enjoyed it. 

I'd love to play this in an arcade machine with an arcade stick!

Aww that's so heart-warming! Augh I'd love to see see it in an arcade machine, and I'd love to add a creative mode so folx can just zen out and build a web stress-free.

Thank you for playing!

Hmm.. yeah, the zen mode would be cool. 
I like the gamefeel of jumping, falling, and dragging a web. It's good stuff, would work well with a chill out mode.

I couldn't find a donate button for the game--did I miss it?

I take tips through my Ko-fi page:

Very nicely made Pico-8 game! Reminds me of the early Activision games on the Commodore.

This was another great game
I didn't do very well, because I'm bad at games, but still really enjoyed this

There there, you were the very best spider I've ever seen!


this was really really fun and honestly soothing? it felt challenging in a way that wasn't too demanding and easy to get into without it being handed to me on a platter ... i really enjoyed it. also that is a large spider

Very interesting concept. The only downer for me personally was that flies just appeared out of thin air. Wish they flew from the borders of the screen. But on the other hand it would loose a bit of its simplicity and accessibility this way I suppose.

I wonder if the web strings are made using some physics library ropes or chains or do you have a homebrew rope physics system of your own?

I can see that, bugs spawning via the z-axis sorta breaks the 2D plane everything else is aligned to, and can look weird.

I did write the physics code, but it's deceptively simple! Each strand is composed of a series nodes, each node tries to stay within a certain distance of the nodes its connected to. Add a lil' bit of gravity, some spring physics, and that's basically it! Mebs I'll do a a tutorial video on it...

This is genius

Wow the movement is so clean and fun! How the hell did you manage this rope physics in PICO-8? O_O Amazing game.

Hehe it's one of those "wisdom of the crowds" dealios where the code for each node of the web is relatively simple but in aggregate it looks like web!

Thank you for playing!