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if you made just one boss then im not suprised that this is great

my record: 27 seconds.

amazing game

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only a genius could have created a game idea like this, it's not a surprise you ARE a genius

great game :)

Gameplay: 1058394579357439853/10

Visuals: 10/10

Sound: good/10

Cute! And clever mechanic!


Hehe thanks friend!

i have done 3 self imposed challenges of this game, and at least partially succeeded in all of them, here is it.

the ranks:

gold, get all the tomatoes (certain exceptions apply)

silver, just finish the game.

rust, fail

no up challenge:do not press the up button, only left and right: gold

no left challenge:only go up or to the right:silver

no tomatoes challenge:collect a total of 0 tomatoes, gold? (all=none maybe?)

I think you can give yourself a gold for that one ;)

One of mine is going backwards through the game from finish to start, but not sure if that's possible with any other restrictions

wait. managed to get gold in the no left challenge

I have done it, I completed this game and then went back to the beginning,  i feel accomplished 

10/10 unique and pleasing to look at, Recommended Way to play: After completing the game, go back to the very beginning

Hard Mode unlocked!

What an awesome game. Very unique platforming and really satisfying. Would love to see more.

Different, I like it!

Amaing game! I wish it could become a full game.


The animation is beautiful, controls amazing, mechanics unique and engaging. Was disappointed when it ended. You should make a longer game based off this.  

very fun/interesting platforming system, with wonderful slime animations that really make it believable!

and also educational! before i played this i never knew that 12 tomatoes will turn a slime red

It's true! It's a real shame I have to pick up the slack of our shoddy school systems.

I loved it <3


Wow, amazing control and physics! At first how two clicks would interact felt a bit weird, but really soon it was really intuitive. Also, really pretty! Would love to see a bigger game with this mechanics!